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By Daina

Her ring only came off in emergencies. She’d place it in the nightstand drawer with his love notes. As her eyes began to wander , her ring started coming off when she had work emergencies. One morning, she placed her ring in the drawer before going to the abortion clinic. His ring was where I love you’s were once shared. A tear slid down her face, as she admitted she could not be surprised. She did not even know who the father was, at this point.

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From Am I? to I Am

“You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself.” ― Alan W. Watts I'm back on a TOOL kick, and it's massaging the brain again.  Listening to Forty Six & 2, I finally had the aha I've been missing, or at least I forgot I knew.  Or maybe I just... Continue Reading →

Dear ____, (#5)

Dear Rose, I’ve started and stopped so many times, but your inability to see the obvious forces me to do the obvious.  I love how you can martyr yourself on a cross of your own making.  You know, the first time I saw you, I thought how you can wear the weight of the world... Continue Reading →


I felt my soul ripped outward, hung shapeless in the day Rose red of blushing cheeks, as the world inspects my shame I hid naked in the daylight, a flesh covered rag doll A child heaved in the darkest gutters of my own desire I found the hell they speak of, when I gazed into... Continue Reading →

The Noodler – 6.22.17

It's been awhile... took a break due to a jacked up wrist and moving and life generally kicking my arse. The idea is every day, I will post a “noodler” – questions using the daily prompt, with the hope to inspire interaction and response.  I will respond for me in my comments, and you can... Continue Reading →

New Dead Philosopher Crush

I've been listening/reading Alan Watts for a few months now. You know the presence of a genius when they can speak so simply about the profound. Weaving metaphor and similie to describe a nature that is just beyond the reach of our fingertips, using words we've not yet formed in our consciousness. We all see,... Continue Reading →

Bullshit Baffles Brains..


The ‘self help’industry implemented a brilliant marketing strategy that has been fine tuned. These are people who market people’s fears, in a covert way, leading them to believe they ‘need’ help. Advertising their books promising to ‘make sure you get what you want’, or, ‘how to manifest’…(with loads of mantras for you to keep repeating daily), ad nauseum.   ‘Self Help Gurus’ like Anthony Robbins, are a classic example.

There is massive power in suggestion.

They all have marketing teams second to none who have fine tuned their art.  As unsuspecting sheeple, who’ll believe anything, due to the fact that we’re either miserable, insecure, looking to manifest millions believing that’ll improve our happiness, (fed by media bullshit) – or simply want a different life to what we’re currently living believe that we ‘need’ people like him! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve nothing against Anthony Robbins or any other

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June 23rd, 2017: New Moon at 2 degrees Cancer, 10:30 pm – Law of Abundance Check

Monavie Voight

Jun 23rd, 2017: New Moon at 2 degrees Cancer, 10:30 pm

Law of Abundance Checks
You may save/print these Law of Abundance checks which I created for 2017 for your own personal use. Please do not sell them.
How to use them:
  • Fill in the date of the New Moon
  • Fill in your name (use name/spelling which is most auspicious for you!)
  • Choose a candle in the color of your choice (gold or green are best, but a plain white tealight will work if it’s what you have on hand!)
  • Use creative visualization to see yourself in abundance while you light the candle and hold the check
  • Leave the candle to burn for any length of time you feel SAFE to do so. The candle may be used again for next months’ new moon.
  • Carry the check in your wallet, put it away and forget about it, or do what…

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