8:8:8 Very rare triple Infinity and luck

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

The 8:8:8 Lion’s Gate is an amazing cosmic spiritual window of opportunity and 2017 is even more powerful as the 8th day of the 8th month of 2017 reduces to 8:8:8.

888 Infinity Karma Tara Greene 3x's Luck

That is 3X INFINITY. Infinity means that all time is now. That is why I chose to name my blog infinitynow. This means we have a triply empowering time to change past present and future. 

According to some sources, the Lion’s Gate opens every year on the Planetary New Year on July 26 {according to the Mayan’s}and stays open until August 12th. A powerful cosmic Portal or Vortex opens because the Sirius the brightest star and considered to be the most spiritual to the ancient Egyptians has its heliacal rising; meaning it rises ahead of the sun. In ancient Egypt, the helical rising of Sirius coincided with the annual rising of the Nile at Memphis a major…

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Incredible Speech at TedWomen

Like most people, I spend way too much time on Facebook.  I pretty much ignore anyone I am friends with and read articles and watch videos.  I stumbled on this one this morning, and Maysoon Zayid's speech had me laughing and crying.  Just wanted to share with as many people as possible, because her message... Continue Reading →

Deep Throat!

In light of the current shit-storm that is all things Trump, I'd be remiss if I didn't avail myself the opportunity to say Deep Throat a lot. While there is a part of me deeply saddened to see the US fall victim to the laughingstock of our own politics, there is another part of me... Continue Reading →

Return to Sender

From my island of desertion, a siren’s wail The rocks of fear have wrecked my sails My throat and lips dry of songs and kisses So I’ll send these words in simple missives Messages in bottles sent to the unknown For the one who I know is home Gone now are the days of fear... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law

Murphy's Law of Motherhood explicitly states: if your children are going to incite mutiny against you, each other, pants, and all things peace and quiet, you will have your period at the time. You may also be completely out of coffee, and it will be too early for wine or beer Your only comfort in... Continue Reading →

Tipping Scales

What if I gave you a lock of my heart? Would you pull it around like it was string? Or tickle it to hear my laughter? Would you treasure it like pharaoh's gold Or be blind to the forevers in your hand? What if you carved that pound of flesh? Is there anything more to... Continue Reading →

The Shadow Self – Reblog from MakeItUltra

By Eric Charles, MA., PhD-c “Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence” ~Simon via Do You Know Your Shadow Side? — MakeItUltra™

Once Upon a Prick

You set me on fire without a single burn A sleeping child awakened in the middle of a storm My dream come true was in your arms Your smile, my north star in obsidian night Moths drawn to flames, your charms my blight Your heart mechanical, your hands surgical Slicing me open without a cut... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Me

How many hearts have been broken by a broken heart? Love has become a gift only from indian givers Where takesies and backsies are as common as x’s and o’s Love has become a razor blade in the corner of our eyes Even when we smile, we have a little cry Where thoughts and cuts... Continue Reading →

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