Dying leaves and verdant grass made a comfy bed

Your wilted mushroom standing, proud fungus of regret

No was on my mind, but blank was the slate

I turned my head aside, found a happy place

Dreaming of an eve in garden, with a worm inside my apple

7 minutes in heaven for you, I tried to focus on the beauty of the dew


Tall tales fell short as you chopped down my cherry tree

Spreading virgin olive oil, as you did the undressing

Tossing a salad โ€“ Me a cucumber with anxiety, your baby carrot stalking my celery

Our ballad – your tongue shoved down my throat, choking, groping, hoping

My heartthrob useless, as you played love, prey doe, playdough!

Pounded and kneaded, letโ€™s be honest, the end preceded the grand finale


I always wondered why in all my wordy matters

I can hear the birds chatter

As I demand my own head on a platter

Awakened in my garden, I see all this repressing

Itโ€™s depressing, I guess, to know, my darkness, my shit,

Is the soil that made your tiny mushroom grow

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