I Found The “Secret”

❤️ Josiah’s blog is very inspiring. I love reading his perspective.


Before I delve into the topic, remember, you can listen to the entire podcast (below).

People who accomplish their dreams and deepest desires have found the secret to living. They have learned how to create uniquely compelling ways to capture their essence and package it in a manner that brings others and themselves lasting value. 

So what is this secret to which I am referring?

First, there is not any other person like you and it is out of your individuality that you are able to create experiences that add value, meaning and life to others. 

Secondly, take time to celebrate who you are—the phenomenal person you are. Accept that reality once and for all.

Thirdly, do not allow limiting situations and circumstances to derail the life you were meant to live. Do not allow people and their limiting beliefs to cast a shadow of confusion, doubt, uncertainty and indecision over your life. 

Fourthly, embrace…

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