#SLS – Lyrics with Baby / All the wrong mashups

I saw Jill and Violet's posts for the SLS -Songs with Babe/Cutie/Doll/Honey/Sweetie - So, I was trying to think of a song. Initially, I was going to doIn this Moment, Whore. But I just felt I could think of something better. I had Justin Bieber stuck in my head and that felt dirty. Fortunately, I remembered the Psychosocial Baby... Continue Reading →

#SOCS for Feb 1st – Choices

Thank you to J-Dubs Grin and Bear Its Is for her post for #SOCS. I read hers and wanted to try the challenge too. #SOCS Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “choices.” Base your post on the subject of making small, uneventful choices. Enjoy! Choices: I'm a Libra, so I am very indecisive... Continue Reading →

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