Little Red Riding Hood is a Slut (Pt 5)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 5. She shines her light, too pretty to hide, turns herself over to what she is deep inside, smiles at the wolf and says thanks for the ride. The wolf devours her secrets and her shame (a shame that came solely from the ones who gave her... Continue Reading →

Little Red Riding Hood is a Slut (Pt. 1)

My first ever Fucked Up Fairy Tale. 1. Didn't an act of love seal Little Red's fate? Sure, Grandma wasn't there, but here's the truth from that day (if you care): Red was planning a special date. She was so sick of Granny's critical stares, a cross-dressing wolf - especially male -was to Red delightful... Continue Reading →

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