Throwing Shade

When I see you, I see color. Your skin and your eyes. So perfect. So uniquely you. I see how so many foundations behind the counter. They can’t match all the shades that paint me and you. Your skin, your eyes, your hair, and your lips, all perfectly made in the shades that make me... Continue Reading →

Covid Coffee Conversations (be like)

Covid Coffee Conversations (be like) I brewed a big pot of anger. Teeth and coffee beans grind. A carafe of my blackness spills on my coffee cup soul. Dripping onto the counter, and I don't even care. Cream and sugar hide it, but you and I know it's there. Silence sips on suggestion, waiting to... Continue Reading →

Wash Your Damn Hands!

Wash Your Damn Hands!   I feel the black fingers Curling around my white throat   The venom is seeping Though my eyes are still dry   Yesterday came to visit It brought a black horse   It whipped me and rode me ‘Til I made a choice   When Tomorrow came calling I was... Continue Reading →


Where few is too many Too many is not enough I'm caught with these answers To questions I didn't ask the more of this quest I am on I find the answers live solely in my imagination   Where I am like the dust in a sandstorm Trying to say which way the wind is blowing... Continue Reading →

A Dandelion in Concrete

I am a weed A dandelion A remnant of something I can’t leave behind I am the seeds I am possibility I don’t even know the breath that blew me Scattered me around  And where I lay Is where my life starts again A crack in the concrete A front lawn I am all Yet... Continue Reading →

Muse’s Release

Disasterpiece There is no sin and there is no penance. All she wants is to teach you lessons. There's never too long for her to wait, so worry not, it's never too late.  Time exists only if given meaning. The Fate that speaks when you are dreaming, in signs and whispers, sometimes screaming. Open your... Continue Reading →

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