When I becomes We, Illness becomes Wellness

I said I wasn’t going to write about this, so naturally I am writing about this. I’m working on this piece and would appreciate feedback. Even what medium this is best for. Is this a post, or is this a script? Is this a TikTok? Is it all the things? Is it none of the... Continue Reading →

Finally “with it” and “hip”

https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTd7Rt2GP/?k=1 🤣 I accidentally got addicted to to Tiktok weeks ago. I’ve been wanting to make a TikTok so I could both be with it and hip. (Tuck a tuck a tuck a) I’ve been all nervous because of my ego. Then, as with all things, the immortal words of Jon Davis at the beginning... Continue Reading →

Save me?

I have been saved By the blood of Christ the tears of Krishna the body of Ram The fires of Magdalene the words of Ohm the dance of Ganesha The beating heart of Shiva the kiss of Kali the buddha breath I have been saved by love will die for love For the light is... Continue Reading →

Goldblum or Godblum?

We here at Mahbuttitches have experienced a first. This is completely and totally unchartered territory. For the first time ever, I have been unable to find appropriate Goldblumery for my post. It's rare I am "with it", "hip", or "have my finger on a pulse" but I actually do watch GoT in real time, so... Continue Reading →

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