Hell is where the heart is

Talking about rape, abortion, adoptions - also the last 20 years of my life. Don't read it if you don't want to read about yucky stuff. Go anywhere else on my blog, there's plenty.

Where Have I Been?

Pulled a quick Jim Carrey, no biggie. In the process of creating the life I want. Whatever that means. I can't put it in words, it's not really about materials.  I'm not my house, I'm not my clothes. I'm just a persona wandering around to see what I can learn. Apparently random disappearances from the... Continue Reading →

I Am Lana Del Rey’s Maligned Vagine

When I started writing, I wrote pieces focused on celebrity body parts in relation to life.  I have missed writing about things like being leaky colons and constipated assholes, so I thought I’d come back to an old style.  Today, I am focusing on a vagina. Dating articles make me generally homicidal: especially when I... Continue Reading →

OK, Cupid

About Me – Just a girl who likes dark spaces I can’t live without – running in rat races Favorite book – The Dark Tower series Favorite food – anything with calories Hobby – hiding shit smells with potpourri Aspiration - Turning shit to poop-pourri? Darkest Secret – I don’t know how to love What... Continue Reading →

Enligh-tainment – Coheed & Cambria

Starting another focus on the blog.  In addition to being a crazy mom, I'm also a crazy music junkie, spirit junkie, and chocolate junkie.  In these posts, I'm going to focus on music/movies/TV shows that have helped me venture further within, connect with myself/soul, and grow as a person - emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  My... Continue Reading →

From My Mouth

Haven't done this in a bit, because I honestly could not think of anything funny.  Then, I remembered that I terrorize my children constantly, and it's kind of funny. My kids are obsessed with Shinedown.  They listen to them every day without fail. I did not know this, but apparently, my oldest gets rather offended... Continue Reading →


I let you take my body for the smallest of price The illusion of love from your heart shaped device The opioid bliss of making "love", a sweaty vice I tried to convince myself it was okay A strong-minded woman knows all the games to play But that crazy thing called love gets in our... Continue Reading →

From My Mouth

...making up for missing yesterday - I fell asleep I wrote about my bad dates, right? So, I must have manifested more dumb dude crap in my life by the briefest of mentions. The boogie man/wanna-be masseuse called me last night.  I declined the call, but it got me wondering.  This happened in March? No... Continue Reading →

From My Mouth

Since I didn't post one yesterday, I'll do two today, because I'm actually attempting to exercise some semblance of consistency and discipline in my life. Today, I'd like to tell you about the worst date I've ever had.  I wrote about it in an old blog, but this always makes me laugh.  Anyhoo, this is... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Einstein!

I've always kind of had a weird crush on dead scientists and philosophers.  I have said it before, and I will continue to prove myself right: I am single, because I do not get men. Not in the attract men sense, I have breasts - that part is like attracting flies to poop.  That's a... Continue Reading →

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