Dear ____, (#7)

Hey, So, I think I'm starting to make some inroads in understanding this.  It feels like I've come to this point before, but who the hell knows anymore.  You turned my life upside down, do you know that?  I'm not saying it angrily, it's just the fact.  I genuinely thought I had my life under... Continue Reading →

Enligh-tainment – Coheed & Cambria

Starting another focus on the blog.  In addition to being a crazy mom, I'm also a crazy music junkie, spirit junkie, and chocolate junkie.  In these posts, I'm going to focus on music/movies/TV shows that have helped me venture further within, connect with myself/soul, and grow as a person - emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.  My... Continue Reading →

Wrong Side of Heaven

When I was young, two seeds were planted in my mind.  The first and strongest was, "I can do anything, if I set my mind to it."  The second was, "I am crazy."  My nature is stubborn and combative, so my life was dedicated to proving everyone wrong while making everyone proud of me.  I... Continue Reading →

Dream a Little a Dream for Me…

Since I wrote 13 Reasons.. I have felt a shift in my perception.  Between the books I'm reading, re-committing myself to meditation and mindfulness, and trying to build consistency and routine again, I have felt a lot of positive changes in my life (I also discovered water is wet!). That post prompted me to reflect more on... Continue Reading →

Book Club!

My friend and I started helping each other find ourselves over last summer.  Together, we connected with meditation and Yoga.  It's funny how Mother works.  We both started talking when we were both in need of strength.  It seems our friendship is the very manifestation of The Buddha's Even Deal.  We also have a rampant... Continue Reading →

From My Mouth

In an effort to somehow stop being a crybaby - that's probably a harsh assessment of myself, but whatever, I'm the writer here.  I'd like to attempt to focus on things other than feeling like shit.  I'm going to attempt to add in some funny stuff.  Occasionally, I actually do make people laugh.  At least,... Continue Reading →

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