I felt my soul ripped outward, hung shapeless in the day Rose red of blushing cheeks, as the world inspects my shame I hid naked in the daylight, a flesh covered rag doll A child heaved in the darkest gutters of my own desire I found the hell they speak of, when I gazed into... Continue Reading →


Her soul was heavier than 2 tons of feathers Her heart could massage her mind to pieces Her eyes shine with sunny wisdom Her beauty can make a black night mourn She paints her world in murky rainbows Tainted souly by her need to fly underwater Like a fish in the clouds, she tries to... Continue Reading →

Up In Smoke

Crackling and cackling, spectres of past and future beckon Home, hearth whispers, caressing temples of skepticism The drum beats loudly against the ribs of brush and bone A shaking hand scratches names on the flesh of paper A smoke filled breath frozen in fear The flames now lick, teasing submission Blood shed in ink tossed as... Continue Reading →

Money Shot

Every moment creates a choice Be the sand or make a pearl When life is fuck or you will get fucked Be the one with the pearl necklace

The Man of My Dreams…

It’s insane I’m sure, to tell you, I want to marry a man who doesn’t know me My man is a man who will sit in my flames Shivering, chattering, "I am freezing" Why should I drown in oceans of tears, When I can float in depths of madness? I don’t need the boat of any belligerent... Continue Reading →

Breath of Fire

With a liars tongue, you licked my ear with saliva made of venom You whispered I cannot, as you nibbled and devoured You snacked upon my memories and turned them into regrets Your words like claws inside my mind, scarring as you scratched I breathed in and said, Yes I can   You grabbed my... Continue Reading →

The Garden of Good and Evil

My garden was untended, the weeds grew unabated Dandelions' depression sprouted, upon the fluffy wisps, I wished and waited But muddy madness left my thirst for peaceful passage un-sated Ethereal, earthy eternity choking crabgrass clearly obfuscated By arachnids of anxiety, cobwebs in the clutter, hope now decimated The rains of regret pushing pain as precipitation... Continue Reading →

The Space Between

Love was on our tongues, licking honey on our wounds Like two puzzle pieces, my head beneath your chin For years it was heaven, life with my best friend Nights lost to giggles, with forever in our smiles With my head upon your chest, your arm wrapped around Listening to our hearts matching, beat by... Continue Reading →

The Sleeping Dragon

His dragon burned down the world, but here it was his coffin The rage and pain consumed, like a leper's bleeding sores He believes that he is darkness, he wants to suffer for his crimes Broken down and full of sorrow, the dragon chopped off his own head He tossed it on the floor, happy to... Continue Reading →

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