The best part of waking up

Sleeping beauty is up and ready Eyes are leveled, set, and steady Gone are days sleeping for loss Now is the time of fierce lioness We don’t teach peace through war We will release this hell on earth Good morning Beautiful

Goldblum or Godblum?

We here at Mahbuttitches have experienced a first. This is completely and totally unchartered territory. For the first time ever, I have been unable to find appropriate Goldblumery for my post. It's rare I am "with it", "hip", or "have my finger on a pulse" but I actually do watch GoT in real time, so... Continue Reading →

Don’t Judge a Cover by its Book

The world said toss out intuition and with it the capability to make a decision. Though we are clueless, god still knows who amongst us is bought and sold. Our shadow is the constant cursed companion, but our love is the one with knives in backs. With a smile and a kiss, we gave away... Continue Reading →


Disasterpiece Muse's Release Free yourself from your disease. Become your own masterpiece. Right now, pain is black and blue, but it's nothing to fear, you're a rainbow confused. If this redundant play is to end, become your own true best friend. See yourself: the sleeping god. Read this until you finally nod: you are not... Continue Reading →

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…

Lilith set aside each one of her hundred thousand babes into a little coffin, a smiling little grave She sighs to see the sunset, the death of a new dawn She hates to see her babies, grow up to feel so wrong She watches as their dreams die, beat down by their lie One day,... Continue Reading →

Whisper Down the Lane

When did I die? Was it the day I said enough, and contemplated razors and bathing? Was it the day I went too fast, and didn't turn before the pole awaiting? Was it every goodbye never given? Was it every time I ran away to keep my heart hidden? I know here is not where... Continue Reading →

Wheel of Fortune

I've begged my release of you I've written my goodbyes to you But still, she brings me back to you And what is it that I'm to do? My love was returned to sender with a bullet hole for a stamp My words unwanted, and my kisses unbidden Yet here you are, back again and here... Continue Reading →

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