The Schism from being so –ism-y (Pt 1)

I have no idea what it is like to be inside someone else’s mind or skin.  Similarly, though likely less important, I have no idea what other people’s Facebook feeds look like.  I used to love going on Facebook, because I ignore almost all of my friends and read articles of inspirational or intriguing ..... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #11

Continued from yesterday Coping skills are not for certain people.  It is not a mental illness only thing.  We all need coping skills, because the world is not a helicopter parent.  The world will not protect you, nor will people.  I find it interesting that diagnoses are higher than ever, coping skills seem in short... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt – #10

If I were to say I have an arch-nemesis, it would be the Helicopter Parent.  We've all seen them, and if you are one of them, this will likely offend you.  At the playground, I see them hovering to ensure Billy doesn't scrape his knee or enjoy independent play.  You can tell them on Facebook... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #9

"Mom, why do you take so many pills?" ~Lock "Mom, are you gonna go to the hospital again?" ~Shock "Mommy, stop smoking or you are going to get cancer and die." ~Barrel Kids are the most observant creatures on this planet - especially of the people they admire most - Mom & Dad.  Their minds... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #8

Hip Opening exercises are amazing for releasing emotion.  What is not amazing is dealing with the emotions that arise, if you've spent years disconnecting from or repressing them.  I realized my bad mood yesterday was the first wave of the emotional surge.  I was expecting sadness, but I was trying to keep everything open, and just... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday, Buddha!

The man who changed my life's birthday is celebrated today.  He holds the title of "one of the only men who actually make sense to me" (#whyIamsingle) I could write for thousands of words about what the Buddha has taught me, but in reality, I'd be wasting everyone's time.  The Buddha would tell you to... Continue Reading →

One Mom’s Itchy Butt #5

Delusions of Grandeur.... I've heard this term so many times associated with mania, and it never made sense to me.  If this is a metric of mania, then I am manic when I'm depressed or completely stable.  I'm a Mom.  My delusions of grandeur start at 6AM, when I think that I will get 3... Continue Reading →

From My Mouth

...making up for missing yesterday - I fell asleep I wrote about my bad dates, right? So, I must have manifested more dumb dude crap in my life by the briefest of mentions. The boogie man/wanna-be masseuse called me last night.  I declined the call, but it got me wondering.  This happened in March? No... Continue Reading →

Stigma (Pt 2)

Continued rant from Stigma The thing that bothers me, I think, is that we apply benign labels to what mental health issues are.  I mean, even that "mental health issues"? Do people describe lung cancer as respiratory health issues? When someone says "depression", "anxiety" or "bipolar" it sounds neatly packaged and contained.  Ah, yes, your brain... Continue Reading →


On Facebook earlier this week, I saw a video of Lady Gaga talking to Prince William about mental health.  The caption said something to the effect of "Be Brave, Talk about it".  I got extremely pissed off at that.    I clearly have no qualms about discussing the fact that my brain does not do... Continue Reading →

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