“Those who say 2 heads are better than one have never met a hydra”

Well, the black and grey is. Next step is coloring the eyes and pops of color in the flowers. I was going to leave that for now, but instead, I'll go do that next week for a couple hours. This was about an hour and a half, I didn't even have enough time to fall... Continue Reading →

Moving Musings

When a baby is learning to walk, she can do it, but wobbly at first. More wobbles and falls make better walking. If we wouldn't yell at a child for stumbling when learning to walk, why do we yell at ourselves?


So, I can't remember if or where I've written about my life. I've been talking about it on Facebook, but that's all I've had time for. I had to take a break from writing to deal with my life and now I need to take a break from dealing with life so I can write... Continue Reading →

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